Statement in response to repeated queries from readers concerning the forthcoming BBC daytime drama series entitled, ‘The Coroner’.


The BBC daytime drama entitled, ‘The Coroner’, which is airing from 16 November 2015, has not been made with the permission or authorisation of M R Hall or his publishers. Any similarities between M R Hall’s original work and the BBC drama, are, according to the BBC, coincidental. The BBC was placed on notice of a number of potential similarities in early 2015 prior to filming. The BBC has been invited to change the name of its production but has declined to do so.


The screen rights to M R Hall’s books are held by a North American company which is currently developing a series based on them.

M.R.Hall author and screenwriter

The Burning


From the best selling author of The Coroner and
The Flight, another vintage Jenny Cooper thriller.


In the depths of a frozen winter, Coroner Jenny Cooper is called to the scene of a devastating house fire that has claimed the lives of Ed Morgan and his two step-daughters in the isolated hamlet of Blackstone Ley.


The police look no further when they discover the message Ed left for his wife, Kelly, telling her that he set the fire as revenge for her infidelity and that she will never find their infant son.


As Jenny digs into Blackstone Ley’s murky past, she uncovers a history that begs more and questions. What provoked Ed’s murderous rage? How might the other, guarded inhabitants of the village have been involved? And what connects the fire with the unsolved disappearance of a four-year-old girl nearly ten years ago?





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The Chosen Dead by M R Hall.  The latest book in the crime series about coroner Jenny Cooper


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The Chosen Dead by M R Hall




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